• How exercise effects  bones.

    How exercise effects bones.

    How exercise effects  bones.

    There are two main effects on bones as we grow older.

    1- Bones begin to lose calcium and this is one of the factors contributing to the condition called osteoporosis. This is particularly predominant in ladies after menopause.

    2-with age  less proteins is produced which alters the make-up of bone and sometimes creates brittle bones.

    It has been observed that bones density in weight-lifters ( bodybuilders and gym goers included) is higher than bone density in light joggers, also it has been demonstrated that bone density is lower in a leg of a person who has been immobilised for 6 weeks or more after sustaining a fracture.

    These mechanical stresses usually take the form of skeletal muscles  pulling at their points of attachment. Where these mechanical stresses are applied  more mineral salts are deposited and more collagenous fibres are produced. Therefore, both the density and size of bone in these areas may increase and these changes in bone structure are stimulated by increased loads being placed on the skeleton.

    For this reasons it is important that any people but in particular over 40 year of age maintain healthy bones by regularly performing resistance training.

    This is not the same for youngster under the age of 16, resistance training may cause bone to cement and therefore inhibiting growth. Youngsters should work on lifting techniques without weights in preparation for resistance training once growth is not an issue anymore.



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