Why personal training on line?

Most of the gyms (maybe all of them) do not give you any attention at all unless you are prepared to pay big fees for personal trainers.

A way to avoid that and still get the attention you need is on line personal training, small fees and lots of information, attention to details and more importantly ” results” .

Download the trainerize app to your IPHONE or IPAD or laptop and you can keep in touch with your trainer every day.

Information are monitored once you check in, follow the instruction and voila’ “you are on “!

Videos of the exercises you need to perform are on your program so you can do no wrong.

So start by ” becoming a client” choose your plan and pay or get in touch with your trainer for more information by email.

Nutritional advises are given to everybody and for a small added fee a personal diet is provided for you to optimize results.

Check my blog from time to time and keep in touch for news .

Stefano Manassero